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Great communication & leadership

shape effective teams

Engagement, Collaboration & Empathy

Three words that describe that ideal situation.

Feeling like you are tackling drama among your staff?  Dealing with stress and how it affects your people, and being in reactive mode rather than proactive? Is it challenging when you need to reach important milestones?


 As a professional Consultant, I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes.

Lisette Jones

Hi, I'm Lisette Jones

Communications & Leadership
Consultant |Trainer

I understand some things may have broken down during the pandemic. Finding the right solutions can be difficult.

I've seen what transformation looks like. The difference is apparent with the positive effects you see in your people. This is why I am passionate about what I do. 

Since 2014, I’ve provided training to over a hundred businesses. From clarifying the issues to creating actionable steps, my focus is always on building efficient results-driven relationships within your organization.

 It is about making a culture shift within your company. I'll help you transform your team into life long learners. To thrive you need to continue to learn which can be scary. I'll help you stay on top of it.

Contact me today for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation, and find out more about how I can tailor my services to your needs.

Casual Meeting

3 Steps to transformation

Building Effective Teams

Schedule Your Call

The best place to start is with your 30 minute Zoom chat or phone call.

Develop Actionable Steps


We get to the heart of the matter and create a plan that works for you. 

There is no one size fixes all.  . 

Experience The Culture Shift


Feel confident in your newly inspired leaders.


Words from Happy Clients

Straight from the Source

"I just had the pleasure of completing a course with Lisette Jones. The professional way she delivered the information managed to keep our attention for the duration of the class. That was impressive.   
I particularly liked Lisette's teaching style as she is not afraid to share her own personal experiences to stimulate conversation, break down barriers and get people engaged. This type of guidance is definitely more than is talent!
For anyone with intentions of broadening their HR scope, I recommend they work with Lisette. She has an intuitive way of delivering these mindful and guided techniques."

Troy Lawrence ,President - Honey Bees
Dayton Nova Scotia

"Our organization has been using ThinkSmart Training and Consulting Services since 2014. Lisette has assisted our facility with organizational learning, focus groups, change management, restructuring, one-on-one development coaching, conflict resolution, and customized facilitated sessions. Lisette organizes her delivery based on our needs, purpose and participants. She has demonstrated an appreciation and understanding of our industry. She gets what we do and why we do it. Feedback from participants is always very positive. Lisette`s non-judgemental approach has created a good foundation of trust with all levels of the organization."

Anna Babin, CEO, Administrator and Community Lead for The Meadows Home for Special Care

Lisette’s ability to generate feedback and conversation during the communication training we took proved to be key to the success of the program.   Lisette made the training practical for all participants by her willingness to listen and understand our particular situation and her ability to incorporate some of these issues within the course structure. This made the training much more practical for all the participants. The work environment within the company has no doubt improved as a result of this training.

Brian Saulnier, President, Sea Crest Fisheries Ltd.

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End the chaos & conflict today for a more productive tomorrow

At ThinkSmart Training & Consulting we know how important effective leadership is for creating harmonious workplaces. The problem is you haven’t yet found the right tools to get your team to perform at the desired level. This leaves your managers and directors continuously struggling to find ways to get their teams to cooperate.

We believe organizations don’t need to leave their managers out in the cold to fend for themselves to deal with difficult situations. With the right communication tools paired with how to implement them, you can create a happy workplace that generates and motivates the team to be high performers.

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Climate Assessment

Employers, if you are looking for ways to gather honest feedback from your employees, so you can create a positive and productive workplace, let me recommend you dive into this assessment.

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