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Managing people can be difficult.

But it doesn't have to be.

Improve workplace culture with personalized insights that inspire behavior change.

I often hear...

"Managing people is taking a lot of my time."

"I don't know how to motivate all my team members."

"Why is it easy to communicate with one person and not another?  I don't get it."


Are you a manager trying to be your best? Or an employer wanting to give their managers the best tools to delegate, motivate, and lead?

Ever wonder why what works for one employee doesn't work for another? 

Or why some aspects of managing really drain you?

Or why some strategies are ineffective when directing or delegating?

As a certified DiSC® facilitator, I will give you the tools and insights into how you can better motivate and develop others and yourself.  


Everything DiSC® Management helps managers

  • Develop their styles

  • Improve communication

  • Increase engagement

Not only will you leave with a better understanding of yourself and others, but you will be armed with an action plan to implement.  

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Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to culture change with Everything DiSC®.

Building Effective Teams

Communicate Better

Learn the right approaches to get the best results.

Work Cohesively


We get to the heart of the matter and create a plan that works for you and your team. 


Learn personalized techniques 


Feel confident in your newly 

acquired skills.

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Hi, I'm Lisette Jones

Communications & Leadership
Consultant |Trainer

Since 2013, I’ve provided training to hundreds of managers. From clarifying the issues to creating actionable steps, my focus is always on building efficient results-driven relationships within your organization.

 It is about making a culture shift within your company. I'll help you transform your team into a group that better understands each other, increasing productivity and profitability.

Inspire Great Managers
in Your Organization

Next event:
Everything DiSC® Management

April 5, 2023

9am - 4 pm
Best Western, Bridgewater

Everything DiSC® Management offers a customizable development solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role--whether managing direct reports or the relationship with your own manager. A complete program of classroom training and online pre-work focuses learning in five key areas:

  • Understanding DiSC® styles

  • Directing and delegating

  • Creating a motivating environment

  • Developing others with different styles

  • Identifying strategies for working more effectively with managers. 


You will learn how your management style influences how you manage time, make decisions, approach problems, and what you need to do to adapt to the styles of others to bring out the best in each and every employee in your charge.

Participants Take-Aways


  • Discover your DiSC Management style: recognize the priorities and preferences that shape your experience as a manager of others and as an employee who must also effectively manage up

  • Understand how your unique style informs your approach to directing and delegation

  • Learn strategies for improving employee motivation and developing the full potential of people with various DiSC styles

  • Identify new ways to work more effectively with your manager

Program Components

Everything DiSC® Management Profile

  • Research-validated, online assessment. 27-page management-specific profile report helps you better understand:

  • Your approach to managing and developing others— your perspectives on directing and delegating

  • How DiSC style influences the factors that others find motivating

  • Insights for building strong relationships with your own managers

$400.00 + tax 

Registration includes program materials, lunch, and snacks.



End the chaos & conflict today for a more productive tomorrow

At ThinkSmart Training & Consulting we know how important effective leadership is for creating harmonious workplaces. The problem is you haven’t yet found the right tools to get your team to perform at the desired level. This leaves your managers and directors continuously struggling to find ways to get their teams to cooperate.

We believe organizations don’t need to leave their managers out in the cold to fend for themselves to deal with difficult situations.


With the right communication tools paired with how to implement them, you can create a happy workplace that generates and motivates your team to be high performers.


I am interested in DiSC® for stronger relationships and results.
Which DiSC® training are you interested in?
Are you inquiring about:

Congratulations on making the first step to a better workplace

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