Facilitation & Workshops

Facilitation & Workshops

OPTION ONE -- Pick your topics and create your own personalized workshops. 

A La Carte topics include:

-  Learning Styles (which also translates into how your co-workers can best understand information/directions from you)

-  Communication in the Workplace, Why Miscommunications Occur (perceptions), and the Drama Triangle

-  Behaviorial Tendencies (Thinkers, Directors, Socializers, and Relators)

-  Listening and The Emotional Bank Account

-  Generational Differences

-  Gung Ho Teamwork

-  Difficult Conversations

-  Conflict Resolution

-  Leading with or without a Title

-  Crucial Conversations

-  Language of Appreciation

-  Building Trust




OPTION TWO -- Pick a ready-made workshop below.

Let Lisette create a workshop that meets your needs.

Conflict Management

During this interactive workshop, you will learn about conflict and its common causes.  You will see the five different conflict styles, identify your commonly used style, and choose which style to use for different situations. We will define and learn how to find the root cause of a problem.  You will hear about Covey’s emotional bank account and learn how to use the knowledge to invest in relationships.  We will also cover empathetic listening and prepare for a difficult conversation by scripting an opening statement.  This workshop is jam-packed with lots of useful information.  


Communication Skills

This foundational workshop covers the important basics of communication.  You will learn strategies to become a better communicator and understand why it is important, become aware of barriers to active listening, and see how perceptions affect communication.



Did you know there are five stages that all teams go through?  In this workshop we will identify each stage and discuss how teams can get to the finish line.  We will also learn about a teamwork model that one forward-moving business used to save a production plant from closing.

Generational Differences

Did you know that different generations behave, think, and are motivated differently?  This workshop will show you how each generation ticks and how you can use that information to work with other people more effectively.


Skills That Will Please Your Customers

This retail skills workshop will teach you the tricks to providing excellent customer service.  We will identify the skills needed in retail, learn good customer service practices, see how to meet the customer's needs, and acquire tactics on how to handle difficult customers.


Exceeding Employers' Expectations

This work skills workshop will teach you how to become a valuable employee who will stay on the job a long time.  We will look at workability attitudes, workplace culture, goal setting, and office politics.


Power Up! Version 2

In this workshop we will learn the four different types of power, identify your personal values and see how they form your identity, and learn the four learning styles.  We will also discuss the characteristics of the thinker, director, socializer, and relator and be able to apply that knowledge to interactions.

Career Exploration

This workshop takes us on the journey of career exploration. You will understand change and transition, gain insight on influences in your life and how your network plays a role in it, and identify your values and skills. You will gain tools for career decision making and learn about the job market.


Cover Letters and Resumes

A good cover letter and resume sell the applicant to the employer.  During this self-reflective workshop, you will identify your transferable skills and learn how to write an effective cover letter that gets your resume read by the employer.  We will cover all the components of a good resume and cover letter. You will learn the different types of resumes and identify which is best for your situation.  


Interview Skills

Do you get a serious case of the jitters when it comes to interviews?  The aim of this workshop is to raise your confidence by explaining the interview process and describing the types of questions you can expect.  We will teach you tactics for answering some of those difficult questions and help shape you into that employer’s dream applicant.