"Our company was able to be provided with communication skills training by Lisette in the spring of 2018. This training was provided with two separate courses to both management/supervisory staff as well as front line employees. Lisette’s timing of running the two courses simultaneously during the 10 week training period proved extremely beneficial to enhance positive communication between supervisors and staff. Lisette’s ability to generate feedback and conversation during the training sessions proved to be key to the success of the programs. The work environment within the company has no doubt improved as a result of this training.  Thanks very much Lisette for your willingness to listen and understand our particular situation and your ability to incorporate some of these issues within the course structure. This made the training much more practical for all the participants. I look forward to possible additional training provided by Lisette in the future.
-- Brian Saulnier – President, Sea Crest Fisheries Ltd.
"Our organization has been using ThinkSmart Training and Consulting Services since 2014.  Lisette has assisted our facility with organizational learning, focus groups, change management, restructuring, one-on-one development coaching, conflict resolution, and customized facilitated sessions.  Lisette has a great understanding of our Mission, Vision and Values and organizes her delivery based on our needs, purpose and participants. She has demonstrated an appreciation and understanding of our industry - what we do, and why we do it. Feedback from participants is always very positive. Lisette`s non-judgemental approach has created a good foundation of trust with all levels of the organization."
-- Anna Babin, CEO, Administrator and Community Lead for The Meadows Home for Special Care

"I just had the pleasure of completing a 10-week Advanced HR course with Lisette Jones. The professional way she delivered the information, along with interactive role-plays managed to keep our attention (for 3.5 hours)  even though the avg attention span for an adult is 10 - 20 mins ...Tops...was impressive. 


One of the things I liked the most about Lisette's teaching style was that she is not afraid to share her own personal experiences to stimulate conversation, break down barriers and get people engaged. This type of guidance, especially in a classroom setting is rare and definitely more than skill...it is talent!


I would highly recommend anyone who has intentions of broadening their HR scope to take this course. I would also recommend you take it with Lisette as she definitely has an above avg grasp of the topics and an intuitive way of delivering these mindful and guided techniques."

-- Sincerely, Troy Lawrence

"Lisette provided a unique and energetic training experience for clients of Customized Learning, NSCC. We needed someone to develop and deliver a timely Customer Service workshop which ended up being a huge success.  Lisette is truly a professional who strives for excellence."
-- Lisa Theriault, Training Coordinator, Burridge & Shelburne Campus, NSCC


"I have recently taken the Communication Course with Lisette.  This has been the most informative and useful course I have ever taken.  Lisette is an amazing instructor, making all the components of this course very clear.  I would recommend this course for everyone!"
-- Mandy Thibodeau


"The Communication Training Course has been a very eye opening experience for me.  I have learned many new skills to be able to communicate in the workplace as well as home life.  It was without a doubt the best investment of my time.  This course is a must for everyone and a very good teacher as well."
-- Kim G.
“ThinkSmart Training and Consulting has a history of providing excellent pre-employment and employment-related training to our clients. Workshops are catered to match the needs and learning abilities of our clients providing relevant information in an entertaining setting leaves the participants with a desire to use their newfound skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.”
-- Denise Nickerson, Career Practitioner, West Nova Inclusive Employment Society
"A teacher hasn't taught until a student has learned.  You are an excellent TEACHER!!"
-- Sherry R.


"Lisette Jones at ThinkSmart Training and Consulting taught my groups in an amusing interactive way. Lisette accommodated her workshops to cater to the clientele. She was flexible to work with and was able to design a workshop tailored to my group's needs. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.” 
-- Melanie D.


"We often need to go outside of our community or even outside of our province to find Francophone consultants and facilitators. We found a gem with Lisette, who was able to offer the services we were looking for in our language of operation. It was great to have a facilitator from the area, able to relate to our students with practical and concrete examples and solutions."
"Comme organisme francophone en Nouvelle-Écosse, nous rencontrons souvent des défis autour durecrutement de formateurs et d’animateurs francophones. Lisette Jones est une perle rare de notre coin! Capable de captiver un groupe avec son animation d’ateliers, Lisette a réussi à inspirer nos participants avec ses conseils pratiques et pertinents à la vie en région rurale francophone."
-- J.Adams
I recently had the pleasure of working with Lisette Jones at ThinkSmart Training and Consulting; she did several workshops for a program set up to help women get back to a healthier place mentally to get them ready to get back into the workplace. The workshops she did for us included communication skills, empowerment, career exploration, conflict management, and generational differences. She tailored the workshops to the needs of the clients, was always prepared, very flexible and very engaging. The women in the program took a lot away from what she presented and it made a huge impact on their lives. Each time she worked with them I know she seen the difference. I learned a lot from her as well and I look forward to working with her again. Thank you so much Lisette! See you again soon I hope.
-- Shauna Campbell, Assistant Project Coordinator; West Nova Inclusive Employment Society



"Thank you so much Lisette.  You were always so prepared and open to our input.  Your encouragement throughout the process was invaluable.  I couldn't imagine having the same results with any other instructor.  You understand exactly where we are coming from with your background."
-  Charlene W.


"Lisette has taught me effective communication skills, confidence building, and interview preparation.  Her guidance has well prepared me for university life."
-  K.D.